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Just a check up?

Did you know that a thorough dental examination shouldn’t be just about teeth and gums?“What else would it be about? Dentists only know stuff about teeth and gums."Lets have a look at what we examine:•Tooth and gum health (of course).•Tongue, cheeks, lips, floor of mouth, hard and soft palate, tonsils and back of mouth (Oropharynx)•Jaw joints ...

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Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic Dentist?Some dentists like to call themselves cosmetic dentists. That’s fine as long as people realise that this is not a specialty, that it is merely a focus the dentist has, and they may have done courses that were dedicated to cosmetics. The reality is that cosmetics/aesthetics is an inherent part of everything we do as dentists. As in any field, some are better at it than others. Any dentist “worth their salt” will have made an effort throughout his or her career to keep up to date with concepts, techniques and materials available to get best cosmetic outcomes, and have good communication with their ...

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