May St. Dental Centre

Just a check up?

Did you know that a thorough dental examination shouldn’t be just about teeth and gums?

“What else would it be about? Dentists only know stuff about teeth and gums."



Lets have a look at what we examine:
•Tooth and gum health (of course).
•Tongue, cheeks, lips, floor of mouth, hard and soft palate, tonsils and back of mouth (Oropharynx)
•Jaw joints (temporomandibular joints)
•Muscles and muscle attachments e.g. Masseters, Anterior and posterior Temporalis, and others if needed.
•Lymph nodes (e.g. Submandibular, sub mental, cervical)

What are some of the conditions we may identify?
For teeth and gums:
•Decay, fatigue cracks, faulty fillings, wear, erosion, recession, resorption, gum disease (periodontitis) which can be sometimes related to diabetes and heart disease, gum lesions/growths (e.g. viral warts, discolorations and ulcers related to cancer or other health issues), eating disorders.
All the rest:
•Cancers, growths other than cancers, clenching and grinding habits, sleep and/or breathing disorders, auto-immune conditions, food sensitivities/deficiencies, neurological conditions…

SO the next time you think “it’s just a dental exam” consider the importance of everything that will be examined in that "check up".