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May St Dental Centre – Response to COVID-19

We want to inform our patients about how we are responding to the current situation. Until further notice, we continue to be open, however, your health and safety and those of our staff will always be our top priority. We will continue to follow all guidelines that come from the Australian Government, the World Health Organisation and the Australia Dental Association. If any changes are to be made to our hours of operation, we will communicate this immediately.

As we have done prior to this virus, we practise all infection control procedures as described by the Australian Dental Association’s Guidelines for Infection Control on a daily basis. As a result, a dental office that follows all guidelines is one of the safest places to be during this outbreak. However, we have taken some additional steps as follows:

  • We are asking each patient before they attend if they have returned from overseas or have been in contact with anyone that in the last 14 days. If so, we kindly ask that they stay home
  • If they are showing any symptoms, we ask that they stay home
  • Our team will not be shaking hands (and in Nat’s case hugging) with anyone and while our friendliness of the team permeates through our culture and we show that by gestures like shaking hands, we will be avoiding any contact without gloves
  • All patients will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entering the practice (we have hand sanitiser available, or you can wash your hands if you prefer)
  • We will take your temperature to ensure you don’t have a fever, and staff will be doing the same on a daily basis.

We will be happy to offer you a tour of our infection control procedures or discuss any concern you have with you so you feel comfortable with coming to your appointment. With that said, we understand if you choose to reschedule your appointment to a later date once life gets back to normal. While our financial policy has a late notice cancellation charge, please note that at this time, any such charges will be waived.

We are here to support your dental needs and we understand that due to most people staying at home, it presents an opportunity to tackle things like dental appointments which at times get ignored during normal busy work lives.
Which is why we have decided to stay open to accommodate you as needed.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone and we sincerely hope and pray that life returns to normal soon. Until then, as healthcare providers, we want you to know that you can depend on us during this time.

From our family to yours.

Best wishes & stay well.
Justin, Mark, Maureen, Lynda, Anita, Juliana and Nat