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Custom Mouthguards at May St Dental Centre

Are you active in sport? Do you have a child that participates in contact sport? If so, there is a serious concern for injury that can affect your health. The mouth is no exception, with injury to the teeth and jaws being commonplace. Custom mouthguards, available at May St Dental Centre, will protect your mouth and jaw from damage.

Woman inserting custom mouthguardHow Does a Mouthguard Work?

A mouthguard is a shield that is custom-fitted over your teeth and can be worn during sport or any other activities that may involve an impact to the face such as cricket, football and more. An injury may result in broken or chipped teeth, a jaw fracture or harm to the soft tissues in the mouth such as the tongue and cheeks.

The Australian Dental Association states that 1/3 of traumatic injuries inflicted on the teeth are from sport.

According to the Sports Medicine Association Australia, about 50% of children experience a dental injury, making it vital that mouthguards are worn. These problems can be prevented with a custom-fitted mouthguard worn during training or competitions.

The Effects of an Impact

An impact to the face causes a powerful force to travel through the teeth, jaws and skull, risking injuries such as a tooth fracture or a concussion. A blow to the lower part of your jaw can cause them to slam together, potentially damaging all teeth. A custom mouthguard can be thought of as a buffer for impact, absorbing shock and reducing the force that your head absorbs.

Finding the Right Mouthguard

A tailored mouthguard is created from impression taken of your teeth to ensure a snug fit. The mouthguard fits comfortably yet closely so that you can speak naturally. The entire process takes about a week, and then you’ll be able to pick your mouthguard up from our practice. It can even be made in your favourite team colours.

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